February 24, 2017

Mumbai Forever

will be my second home

Right before when you are about to give up on something, life gives you the same thing from a different angle and then; all of a sudden, you begin to love it or at least do something to accommodate the change. I have always disliked Mumbai (from the bottom of my heart) but before I left it; we developed a love-hate relationship. Love from Mumbai, Hate from me. But the day I left it, I realized how much I'm leaving with it. The friends I had made, the food I had wished was a bit spicier, the weather to be a little more generous and most of all- the rains to just stop being so heavy on us! Everything said and done, I knew I'd miss it because of the company I'd keep but I couldn't be more wrong. It taught me everything I'm proud of today!
So, I was more than happy to accompany dad for his friend's daughter's wedding. Met friends and made a day out of it. 

Here's the outfit that keeps coming back to me. I can wear it Dungaree style, 70s style or just the formal way! This is my favorite style and I cannot wait to explore more in the same version. 

Let me know how you'd style your dugarees ;)

Dungaree: Fashionmia, Cardigan: Zara, Blouse: HM


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February 12, 2017

The Blue Lagoon: Singapore

Hey all

This post is the last to my Singapore series. You can look at Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 posts by clicking on the above links. On my last day in Singapore, I wore this pleasant blue lace romper. Keeping in mind that we were to spend the day among birds and frolic on Orchard street.

Talking about Orchard street: sure it's big with plethora of brands, clean and beautiful yet I didn't find it reasonable on the pocket or anything that you wouldn't find it in any part of the country. Nevertheless, I found these amazing pair of shoes which I wear almost every day now! Little heavy on the pocket but I didn't want to leave Singapore empty-handed. Also, a thing about Chinatown- It's gorgeous at night and is a bit up-scaled in terms of 'flee market' and I loved every bit of the view. The collection at shops, the lights, crowd, food and the fruit market as well! Must visit is Little India if you miss Indian food while in Singapore. People also say that the Mustafa market of Singapore is a 'must-visit place' but I beg to disagree. It's your ordinary supermarket where you would find Indian faces, buying Indian groceries and nothing else. But still if you may, go to this familiar place if you are missing some relation :)

The main attraction of the day was Jurong Bird Park. It was beautiful, magical and relaxing. Just what I needed on the last day! Take a note of the bird shows before going since you don't wanna miss the fun it is! I mean really fun! Otherwise it is your normal bird zoo with a long walk. You can make a nice family day of it if nothing else :)

Enjoy the pictures!


The Shoes from Orchard Central


Dragonfruit juice! Food Republic


Romper: Forever New,  Necklace: Romwe, Hair accessories: Charlotte Ruse, Bracelet: Accessorize

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