May 20, 2017

It's Raining Mint

Hello Readers :)

I have been in a good mood lately. Wearing a great smile everyday and braving the terrible Delhi heat. It all matches up with my personality against unmatched personalities. For those whom it was hard to understand, you will get there eventually ;)

There has been no day in my life where I haven't lived to experience small things that make me happy. Be it, going to my favorite restaurant, driving in a good weather or even looking forward to healthy breakfasts! Yes! Those around me, know that I am obsessed with; one, healthy living and two; doing what makes me happy. The second part shouldn't be read as- "doing ANYTHING to make myself happy". No I'm not a rebel or have absurd demands. Just that it takes me time to realize whether it will give me happiness in the future or not. So yea, happiness does come with a cost. But watching Cassey Ho do Pilates on her Blogilates youtube channel is one of the most exciting thing I've encountered in my life. I'm addicted to her videos, her funny personality & inspirational everything!

Speaking of videos & funny and also large part about being addicted. I can successfully say that I've become addicted to Instagram now. I've never been addicted to anything in my life but these last two years have presented me with great amount of options to choose from. One being Pilates and second being Instagram. If you go to my account (@fictitiousfashionblog), you'd find one of these two things- OOTDs and Food pics! But if you see whom/what all I follow then you'd know what addiction is. Such beautiful & positive stories fills me with love.

Here are some videos I made via boomerang for this post: (P.S: I'm having trouble uploading these boomerangs here. Doesn't come out right! Or is it fine? Let me know the right way to do it :) )




I'm so thankful to Newchic for introducing me to their website. I'm totally loving their shoes collection. So much so that I ordered another pair! Make sure to leave your comment below. I really enjoy reading them :)




Flats/Bellies: New Chic, Sequin jacket: Tana Bana, Jeggings: Zara, Umbrella: Singapore



  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  2. Great outfit. The blazer is super nice!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you already! :)

    Kathy's delight I Instagram I Facebook

  3. thanks !
    you look so so so pretty :) nice hairstyle

    New post - OOTD

    Check out my ♥Instagram ,Bloglovin

    Stay Gold

  4. Great post! If you want that we follow each other,let me know! :)
    Hope you'll click on links at the end of this post and let me know if you do :) -->

  5. Beautiful outfit. The shoes is so nice.

  6. Simple and pretty outfit. I love the umbrella too!

  7. Love your shoes! It's simple and looks very comfortable.
    I hear Instagram is really good site though I don't have account other than blogger. It's nice to have good addiction :-)

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  9. Hello sweetie;)
    You look absolutely gorgeous- I love the whole outfit ;-*

    Amazing blog, I am following you now;)

    Hugs from Germany;)

  10. Love the shots with the umbrella. Nice. Btw, following you on google+,Instagram,twitter, facebook page and pinterest. Appreciated the same please.

  11. ;D

    Gostei das fotos!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  12. adorable pictures sweetie
    Maggie Dallospedale

  13. So cute!

  14. Beautyfull photos and amazing blog!
    I follow you, please follow me back :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  15. You look Amazing! Have a lovely Day! 😘😘😘

  16. I'm so in love with your umbrella! Nice photos!



  17. Great post ^_^

    I follow you, your turn now ^_^

  18. The parasol is so cute with your monochromatic look!

    Chanel | Je M'appelle Chanel

  19. Very nice post, I really like your blog. I follow you so I hope that you will retaliate. :)

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  21. It's also so hot and humid where I am.
    These are wonderful shots. I love your umbrella. :)

  22. The videos are working, so don't worry :). Really great! Lovely umbrella :3
    kisses from Poland ♥

  23. Happiness is key in our lives for sure. Very vital!
    I like Newchic. They sure have some great pieces and that flat you've on is lovely. You look wonderful.

  24. beautiful work and great look !!
    Shopping Jewelry Store |


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