June 3, 2017

Rosegal Summer Wishlist


I have always enjoyed Summers and would continue to do so with even the Delhi heat pulling me down! The best part about Summers is, pastel! I enjoy it so much that I am thinking of having each pastel shade this Summer.

While looking for pastel dresses & accessories; I came across Rosegal. One product led to another and minutes later I was creating a Summer Wishlist. In this post, I'd be creating a few storyboards and giving tips on how to wear certain colors with close-to-nothing in your wardrobe! Also, since I'm a big foodie (check out my Instagram), here is some pastel food along with it: haha!


Mint is my favorite pastel color; my wardrobe knows how! It is so versatile that any person who wishes to stray away from the 3B's must come to Mint for some pleasant feelings. I found so many dresses to my liking including these cute jumper dresses they have added to their collection. I chose this bodycon dress with a hint of black. Ofcourse you are not to go overboard with the color so these items could be worn two or one at a time.

Pink is easily a girl's color (kill me?). Shoot the ones saying this. But care to show that you are not a baby pink gal but rose-gal ;) (What-up website reference! haha). You can pair these pants with white, grey or another pastel color like orchid or blue. I would pair it with a belt (removable belt) in top's color. If your heart's melting over this color then pick a pastel dress from their long-sleeve chiffon maxi-dresses

Now, as promised, some pastel-colored-food <3
These are google images. Please share recipe if anyone knows!

Let me know how you found the website.



  1. Great selection dear!


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  3. OMG! I'm a huge pastel color fan. These are wonderful collections. LOVE!

  4. Great wishlist, warm greetings.


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  6. fabulous collection :)
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