September 23, 2017

Hot Pink Fusion-Ethnicwear

Hello everyone

I'm so happy to be writing this post. The weather outside is amazing and it's a weekend! That always gets me in a good mood.

Today, I feel like making this post about two things:- some words of wisdom and the outfit.
First, the outfit; and if you stick till the end, there would be some inspiration waiting for you.

A few weeks back, I had attended a wedding. I didn't feel like going extravagant in my clothes, like Indian ethnicwear is. Took out this new floor-length hot pink dress suit and threw my mom's printed dupatta or stole around it. The result? A match made in heaven- no need to go to for it ;) (Brown girls would get it).

Thanks mom for taking such nice pictures. Bro- you were missed!


I have always emphasized on two things really- Change & happiness. So, if you read my post about 'Change is inevitable' and 'Happiness is a measure of life', you'd know how important these things are. But, all this applies to oneself, doesn't it? What if you love someone and feel like changing them? Even if it's for their good, you cannot help but take a piece of cake for yourself too. You definitely have some advantage in that situation else why even bother? 

"Our lives would become better". Sure thing, but is it really bad right now?
I guess the real question is, "Can I control everything?"

Don't even look for the answer here. You know what I'd say. It is simple really. 
You care, they care: you care more, they care.

Don't expect the same kind of love. Don't ever expect the same kind of respect. I'm a firm believer of "Everything happens for a reason". Don't get me wrong. I do not leave everything to fate and sit on the grass, staring at nothing. I do, I wait, I move on and think, ".. it really did happen for a reason.

Long story short, here's what my experience tells me-

1) Expect less
Easier said than done. What do you even compare your expectation with? How do you not expect if you give a lot? The solution is to keep a benchmark for everything that happens in your life.
Like for example, if you've studied really hard and still don't get what you deserve then don't get disheartened. I was really good at studies but my marks during engineering were like Trump is to America- a disappointment! But, when I started my MBA; the results were totally an Obama! I was surprised, happy and kept on going.
So just don't rest your heart after one thing and expect everything from it. Benchmark it. 
I will care this much about people and after my threshold reaches, they won't hear from me.

2) Leave
Not the situation, but your worries. You have so much to be thankful for. Nobody is perfect; believe me! You get a kind, gentle and loving friend but if they don't have time for you then no scolding, time management classes, factual examples, visual examples or demos can help them. You give them one lesson and step back.
You cannot inculcate good behavior into someone; behavior develops naturally.

3) Settle
It is not the worst idea. There is a reacher and a settler in each relationship (How I met your Mother). Lily really settled for Marshal. But, is it that bad to settle for the one? Yes, the over-cliched 'the one'; but like I said, nobody is perfect. Think what is most important to you. Not one, but go ahead and think of 5 must-have things your partner ought to have. Mostly that would be something you lack or you're so good at and want a partner with the higher dosage of your qualities. In either case, don't settle on those 5 things but don't expect them to be on perfect in each quality. We are only humans and settling down for someone equal, below or higher than us in some quality; only shows the extent of satisfaction we have with ourselves and with others.

Let me know your thoughts on the post :)


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  3. Such a philosopher you are & the way you relate life circumstances with examples be it trump/Obama or reacher/settler ..they were apt.
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