September 6, 2017

September Wishlist: Zaful

Hello everyone!

Zaful has easily become my favorite website (this line isn't sponsored)! When I started this blog 6 years back, I'd have vouched for Oasap. Also because they were my first sponsor! As my taste evolved, I realized what the offering is of different fashion portals, could understand the quality of the product from online images, could tell whether the piece would look good on me or not. These are some of the very basic things to know before you shop from online websites. Gradually, from hundreds of sponsors & websites I stumbled upon, I narrowed my favorites to ten and now 2-3. 

I had my first collaboration with Zaful in March last year and it is one of the websites from my above choices. So every month or so, I try to do a post for them that comes more from my own will than an obligation of sponsor-blogger contract. Just search for "zaful" in my search bar (right sidebar) and you'd find how each wishlist is different from another. Their website has variety of options not found in other similar ones so this is the least I could do. I'd prepare styleboards or review it by wearing my picks but today let's keep it simple! These are my top 5 picks and a big cry for the Winter is Coming since I'm a huge summer fan! What are you? Beach babe or Winter person? Let me know in the comments below :)
Remember that these picks are my personal favorites and Zaful had no say in this matter ;)

I'm particularly in love with their lace dresses. Got one here and lace is one fabric, I can't get enough of. Yesterday, while picking something for myself I found this straight cut skirt in apricot and I couldn't move away from the page. I remember silently getting angry with girls that have natural tiny waists! Gahaw, I love myself. :D You can carry killer red pencil pumps or even pink if you can carry it like Blair from Gossip girl!

Next in line is a sassy black sports leggings. Well, my current gray one is wearing off and I'm on a lookout for a different fabric now. Such sheer net leggings are quite hot this season with almost every fitness diva wearing these if not hot shorts. These practically go with anything- oversized shirt, sports-bra, tank top, crop top. You get the point?

Stripes shirts & skirts with floral patchwork is so hot this season. You'd find every blogger sporting something in this look. This was in my top 3 choices for myself. Pair it with cotton tops in pastel colors of white or blue especially with bow-knots if you can. This look would go well with x-bags.

I'm thinking of having one tee that speaks about me (LOUDLY). Yes, that's me! It's always fun to show your developing areas or talk something fun about yourself first; before anyone pin-points the fact. This shows that you're confident about yourself-your body and is a fun way of interacting with people, no? I'd wear this with white pants and a fringe bag.

Last but not the least- Winter is coming and I want to look cute too! This bow sweater with a V-neck is what I'm looking for this winter. V-necks give the petite like me, fuller figure and the bow-knots give a pretty appearance to such items. Wear it with black denims and boots.

Use cod ZFEN

So which one is your favorite pick and how differently you'd wear it? Remember to wear something that is in sync with your personality else you'd just be uncomfortable all day and the world-remembers! ;) (Too much of GOT) Any GOT fans here?



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