March 10, 2018

10 Great Ways to Organize Your Tiny Closet - Fictitious Fashion

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Having little space in you apartment is something that could either bother you and make you feel prisoned, or make you become creative and find the better ways to use even that tiny corner of your room. However, for a woman, space can be a problem when it comes to organizing their clothes and shoes. 

Ladies, I know, believe me. You don’t need to worry about the little space of your tiny closet anymore! I decided to find and gather in one place, the best 10 hacks and tips for you, to help you put your clothes in one place and organize them so good that you will still be able to see everything you have with just one look!

1) Count them all
First of all, you need to determine the number of your clothes in different categories. Find out how many pairs of pants you have, how many dresses, etc. This will help you to know how many things you have to leave hanging in your closet. The same rule applies for the items you decide to leave folded. You have to use that knowledge when buying a closet, or when you need to change it.

2) Seasonal categorisation
Now, you need to decide which clothes belong to a different season and put them away. Stack them in a trunk, or in a cupboard, because you won’t be wearing tank tops in the winter or coats in the summer. Excessive number of clothes hanging is the reason to be harder to find exactly what you are looking for.

3) Get to the floor!
The next step of the re-organizing your tiny closet is to use its floor. There is enough space to put your shoes, for example. You can use the space for the shoes you wear less, or those for the different seasons.

4) Let it be high
If you have more hangers, higher in your closet, it is not a problem, even if you find it hard to reach and clean them. The best you can do in this case is to adapt a little stool that will give you the desired height and you will be able to reach the highest parts of your closet which will make them easier for cleaning.

5) Room in doors
Your closet, the tiny it is, probably has at least doors. This is great, because you can use the space for hanging clothes there, too, or shoes maybe. You can store your scarves, or hats, or any other kind of accessory on your door – simple as that, and practical at the same time!

6) Boxes and divisions
Another great way to put your folded clothing items is to insert little organizers. For example, you can use old shoe boxes to put those clothes in them. The other way is to divide a shelf in a few separate divisions and put the clothes there.

7) Type of hanger
The next thing you can do is inserting double hang. This provides you with two times the space you initially had. You can now hang all of the clothes and organize them by colors or however you want.

8) Ring hangers
Another great idea for your scarves is to put them on a hanger, but put each one in a shower curtain ring and place the rings on the hanger!

9) Tank it on Tie hanger
Here is a tip for your tank tops. Get yourself a tie hanger and hang your tank tops on it by their straps. You don’t need to hang them separately.

10) Hooks and more hooks
If you are used to decide what to wear on the next day the night previous, you can put a hook on the door. This method can be also used to hang bags, if you put more hooks.
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I have given the link to my stole and belt hanger above (in the shoe box DIY). Go check it out. Have been using it for 5 years now and it is in the same state even with 20 belts and scarves! 
Do you have any DIY or smart tips and tricks to organize your closet? Let me know in the comments below. 



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