April 22, 2018

Lucknow Chikankari in Bikaner: Pastel Feels

Hey all

Last weekend I had attended my friend's wedding in Bikaner, India and it was a blast. The whole MBA gang was there and we just couldn't keep calm.

- It was my first close friend's wedding.
- It was my first destination wedding that I had attended.
- It was my first time in Bikaner and,
- It was my first Marwari wedding.

So many firsts so I had to do extensive shopping right from design selection, fabric sourcing, tailoring and hairstyle & jewellery for each occasion.  You can imagine the number of weeks(ends) that I must have spent doing it.

Did I mention that it was my first dance in a wedding? Oh yes! So many videos and pictures coming soon. This outfit I wore on Day 3 for the Mehendi/Haath Kaam function of the groom (I was from groom's side).

This is a special post as this Lucknow Chikankari white suit was gifted to me by Mr. A himself, when he had gone to Lucknow. Funny story - he almost missed his flight (by 5 minutes) because he was buying this exact ethnic suit for me. Sowwieee! :P

I have never worn a full dupatta except for this wedding here. I never knew white would suit me as much as it did in this Indian attire. They say that best things happen unplanned but the author/poet didn't meet me. I had this exact same location and poses and voilla; look at it. Match made in heaven!

At first I was apprehensive of this traditional suit as Lucknow Chikankari is a very old (3rd century!) embroidery worn by royals and I am anything but traditional.

But, Mr. A convinced me and with a bit of help from mom, I gave it a youthful look. See the slit at the bottom (inverted V) that balances the V-neck. For the sleeves, instead of the traditional half-sleeves, I went for 3/4th length. It makes your appear look longer and slimmer.

I kept the look simple as the print and design deserved to stand out. Borrowed mom's traditional sandals and had put on some kajal and kiehl's simply rose butterstick on lips.

You guys tell me now, do you own a Lucknow Chikankari suit? I would love to see it. DM your pictures on Instagram - fictitiousfashionblog and I will share the best ones in my stories.
Also, have you been to Bikaner? Planning to visit it? If you are, definitely go after October and before April. 

Things to do in Bikaner, places to visit and what to eat - all coming up in subsequent posts.

Keep smiling


  1. You look wonderful!! Gorgeous outfit xx

  2. Wow! You look so pretty!!!Have a successful day dear!

  3. thanks dear :)

    you look so fantastic :D

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  4. you are so beautiful! I'm following you.. will you follow me back?

  5. I love Lucknow chikankari, its all time favorite and you look so beautiful and elegant in this,white is just divine color. You are so lucky to have such friend who risk his flight to got this suit for you. Marwadi wedding are always fun.
    Thank you dear for your inspirational comment on my blog, it matters a lot.i m following you on G+ too.Be in touch always.
    And awaiting for more pics from wedding. Have a good day

  6. You look really beautiful, white colour suits you so much ^^

    Freak Muffin Blog

  7. I have been meaning to buy something like this for quiete some time. You look graceful in this salwar kameez.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

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  9. Wonderful photos ! You look stunning in this outfit :-)

  10. Oh I love your outfit.
    And the place looks great ♥


  11. hello
    I loved your clothes, the white with your black hair looks like a poem of so beautiful.

    Lots of love


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