May 11, 2018

A Bikaner Wedding to remember: Three wedding outfits

Hey folks

I know there has been some delay between the previous Bikaner wedding post where I gave you the pastel feels with my Lucknow Chikankari suit.

I was feeling under the weather. May didn't start on the right note for me: been sick twice and it's not even mid-may. Anyway, let's not put it on the month. May-June would be the most important months of my life. You will know why in the subsequent few posts :)

Since the wedding went by in a jiffy, I didn't get enough time to go to a good location to take these pictures or enough of them in the outfit I got designed myself. I decided to combine the three posts into one. I will write about each one individually though. The third and the final article of the Bikaner trip would be about my first fort visit.


So, the Sangeet is a tradition where both the families come together and the bride gets Mehendi on her hands and feet. In Rajasthan or Marwari culture, the bride and the groom get Mehendi done separately. Yes, the groom has to get the Mehendi done too. Insane, isn't it?

Anyway, so Sangeet is the first function that I attended and it is quite a vibrant and informal event. I chose to wear a skirt and crop top with it. This pink skirt was already bought so all I had to choose was the crop top. Now, I didn't want to go all traditional and colour-block it or wear a silver or golden blouse.

I was at Lajpat Nagar's most famous shop for getting fabric/unstitched garments -

Ramji Sons. The shopkeeper showed me 5-6 fabrics and this was the 2nd in line. I immediately liked it. I already had an idea as to how I am going to get it stitched. Check out its back and the sleeves that have golden piping.

Since the skirt was light and crop-top quite subtle, I chose to wear a heavy dupatta (the stole on my shoulder) with it.

For the hairstyle, you wouldn't believe me when I tell you that I had practiced all the hairstyles before hand. Hey, this was my first friend's destination wedding that I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I created this second hairstyle from Luxy hair.

Skirt - around INR 800 from BIBA
Crop top with lining - INR 1900
Stitching - INR 800
Total - INR 3200


Now, reception is a part of the array of functions that takes place from the groom's side, post-wedding. But now-a-days, the trend dictates that both the families divide all the functions equally so that the 'burden' doesn't rest on one.

Mostly, the above happens in every Indian culture except for a Marwari wedding. Here, the reception took place a day before the wedding! It was supposed to be grander than the D-day so I decided to go with the heaviest outfit I had designed.

February-April of twenty eighteen was the period where I was obsessed with Jacquard print and royal blue was looking THE BEST with golden embroidery. I didn't know until now that the gowns or skirts that appear fluffy have an inbuilt cancan underneath it. 

A cancan is merely a net fabric that gives any garment a natural fluff! It is stitched together in bunches either from the knee-down or waist but mostly, the former.

Whenever you choose to get a cancan dress, lehenga or a skirt made just make sure that the length of the fabric you buy or stitch, is double the fabric you are covering over it. You can always customize the puffiness by giving more or less folds but if it is less then it will just look like dull. You don't want to do that if it's a wedding you are wearing it too.

Since, the skirt was heavy and covered a larger surface area, I kept the kurta simpler and just got a deep neck with golden piping across the neckline.

The dupatta you see here was white earlier. I got it dyed in blue and the golden border was already there.

I chose to do a simple rope braid. You can watch the video here.

One with the groom

This is where my inspiration was from

Skirt with Cancan - INR 1925
Kurti with lining - INR 400
Dupatta and dyeing - INR 475
Stitching - INR 2500 + 300
Total - INR 5600


For the wedding I chose the really unique style of suit. Look at the edges of the cut. Twist to high-low.

The sharara cum plazzo pants in red were so abstract that made a perfect pair with the kurta, don't you think?

For the hairstyle, again, I kept it really simple with twisted braid on either sides.

Kurta or dress - INR 2000
Plazzo pants - INR 2000
Total - INR 4000 both from BIBA

Which look did you like better? Let me know in the comments below.



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  4. Akanksha ur dress is very beautiful selection,u look very beautiful

  5. Thank you for sharing this post. I don't know that much about Indian weddings, so it was nice to hear you explain the dress code. You look stunning in your outfits. It looks like you had a great time at the wedding. Have a great week!

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