August 26, 2018

7 Hot Outfit Ideas With Corsets Thigh High Stockings: Back to the 90s

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Bell bottoms, high rise bottoms, vintage corsets and thigh highs made quite a rage in the 90s and are all set to rock your wardrobe once again.

Here we bring you top 7 hot and exclusive ideas for outfits containing corsets and thigh-high and stockings.
Be it a house party, a pool party, a casual get together or a formal office party, corsets and thigh highs can give you the look you have been aspiring for since long. Moreover, it is important to break the monotony after a certain period. These outfit ideas will not only give you a different and retro look but also make you the star of the event by the aura they create!

1. A Loose Bohemian Dress With Thigh High Stockings

A loose bohemian dress can be perfectly paired with thigh high stockings and a hat to get a totally different and admirable look. Since the 1960s, Boho fashion has earned itself an important place in the fashion industry. The carefree aura that it creates and the hip culture that it signifies has been attracting people for long. It is equally popular even today and has never disappointed anyone! The effortless look that it gives and the ease with which it can be carried are other factors behind its popularity. Thigh high stockings perfectly complement the free look of the dress and add sophistication to it. This can give you a complete Boho-Chic look for the chocolate and wine party you are planning to throw over the weekend.

Source: What Do I Wear
2. Thigh High With A Romper

Rompers and jumpsuits are two popular all-weather options among women. Pairing thigh high stockings with a romper can make it a fantastic choice for the fall. Being effortless and versatile, rompers have been more popular among teenagers as compared to the working class. Wearing a body shaping corset under a romper can enhance the look even more. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for the weather to officially get warm before starting wearing a romper. Just pair it with matching thigh high stockings and some cool accessories and you are good to go!
Kitten heels or wedge sandals can go hand in hand with your romper.
Source in the below image: Jennifer Wang, Lookbook 

3. High-Waisted Shorts With A Corset Top 

Corsets offer the most variety when it comes to upper wear. They can literally be teamed with anything and can be worn over the dress, under the dress or even as a corset belt!


Paring a corset top with high waisted shorts and thigh-high stockings can be that ‘something new’ you are looking for. A black cotton underbust corset paired with skin coloured thigh high stockings can be another great combination for any occasion. Although they are versatile enough to be worn with literally anything ranging from skirts to jeans. Yet high waisted shorts can elevate your look a lot if you just want to keep it casual for the day.

Source: Pinterest
4.  Little Black Dress With Thigh High Stockings

Mini black dress has been a favourite among the celebrities since forever. Teaming a mini black dress with the classic black lace thigh high can give you a gothic all black look for any formal function or event. Not only is it perfectly suitable for spring, but also doesn’t make much difference even if it’s worn on a sunny day. You can even experiment with different coloured hosiery like grey, tan and blue for a fun look.
Source in the below image: Pinterest
5.  A Vintage Corset Dress

Although corset tops are quite popular, yet the best way to rock a corset is as a dress. Corsets surely win the title of the most versatile clothing time. Keeping the body well in shape, corsets truly are a boon for ladies looking to enhance their curves a little extra. A corset dress will not only make you look slim but also a little taller if paired with the right stockings. Of late, corset dresses have been giving a very tough competition to crop tops. A favourite among the celebrities too, vintage corset dresses are the new talk of the town.

Source: Alexa Ober, Lookbook
6. Plaid Shorts And Thigh-High Stockings

Plaid shorts worn on top of a fishnet thigh-high stockings will look great for a casual day in the office or for after-work drinks hangout. Opt for a nude thigh high to create a more formal ensemble. You can even pair this look with a customized t-shirt for added style. A watch and a pair of sexy heels will complete the look.  
Source in the below image: Blog - Bows and Sequins                             

7. A Loose White Shirt With A Corset Belt

Adding a punk corset belt to a loose white shirt can give you an all-new dress in itself. Corset belts are available in different styles, patterns, and colours. Wearing a cardigan over it can also lift the look a lot. However, it is not much recommended during summers. Rather try adding a fishnet thigh high stockings to the look. White and black can make a great combination!
Source in the below image: Misguided
These were some of the fashion ideas you can try for your next outing or a house party. The trends keep changing and at times can become really unpredictable. Playing with different ideas is what keeps the spark alive in the fashion world. Many more ideas like wearing a blouse on top with an underbust corset or a crop corset top with a pair of dark denim can also be explored. Even try pairing a corset top with fitness apparels like leggings and sweats to take your outfit to a whole new level. It all narrows down to your creativity in the end!

Guest Post by Jessica 

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