October 20, 2018

6 Gorgeous Dresses - Every Woman Should Own

Not all dresses are created equal. Some fit well for parties while some others are timeless classics worth investing in for special days like a wedding.

No matter what the excuse or the occasion, dresses are always worth buying and investing in.

Here, we bring you the top six kinds of dresses every girl should try to get her hands on! Read ahead 

1. The Shirt Dress - Tired of all those regular office formals and looking forward to trying something new? A shirt dress is something that you must try in such a case! It is a kind of dress designed for the ladies borrowing details and features from a man's shirt.

Available in many fabrics like denim, cotton and even synthetic, the dress often includes a collar, a button front, or cuffed sleeves. Shirt dresses often fit loose. This can be attributed to the fact that they are typically cut without a seam at the waist.

You need to use a belt to define the waist in a shirt dress. Say hello to amazing dress days with a chic shirt dress and leave everyone in the awe of your cool fashion sense. 

 Image credit - Pretty mva

2. Casual Maxis - Maxi dresses are known for making women super happy during the summer!  And why should it not be after all? It is easy to wear, carry around, looks chic and feels super comfortable.
Pair it up with flip-flops and some fun accessories to completely rock the party look. These are even perfect for movie dates. Actually, a maxi dress is a timeless classic. Plain black or red maxi dresses are all-time favourites among the women.

Pulling off a minimal or no makeup look with a maxi is just the perfect thing for summers. 
Image credit - 24 My Fashion

3. The Corset Dress - A Corset Dress, as it turns out to be, is a long corset. Although it resembles the traditional corset, it is long enough to cover the legs, making it look like a dress - hence the name.  Corset dresses used to be very famous among the ladies in the 90s. Of late, these have regained their position in the fashion world.

A corset dress is known for defining the curves very elegantly thus making you look more attractive. A corset dress paired up with a nice pair of heels and some accessories is enough to make you look like a diva!

These modern style women dresses are functional and fashionable enough to be worn, just about anywhere, with complete comfort. 
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4. The Sheath Dress - A Sheath Dress is yet another popular dress option that ladies love to wear. A classic black sheath dress is all that you need to fill that void in your wardrobe. Couple this with some light jewellery and shoes and get ready to rock the party.

These are the perfect choices for parties and family gatherings. Another reason these are popular is that they don’t drown you and work perfectly well for petite women. Besides that, you could even opt for printed t-shirts, so trendy, that it would suit you well enough even if you are plus size.

That’s the beauty of it, certainly a must-have in your wardrobe. 
Image credit - Glamradar

5. The Floor Length Gown - Floor-length gowns are the true example of the royal look. There is no way that you can turn this option down for marriage and reception parties. You can wear it in spaghetti style sweetheart neck or a V- Neck style.

Either way, they look larger than life and are grand and voluminous. You can safely go for a heavy makeup look with floor-length gowns as they are generally plain and have room for accessories without making you look extra loud. 


6. The Slip Dress - Slip dresses make you look effortlessly sexy. They have what it takes to rock the look without looking extravagant. Wear it over your favourite tee or pair it up with your cool sneakers. Throw on some earrings and you are all set to go.

Besides, a classic black slip dress becomes even more glamorous when decorated with some intricate lace. This all-time classic look will surely strike a chord with you and become one your favourites.

With so many dresses and options available, it is hard to select the right one for any occasion. Maxi dresses are the secret to looking cute and comfortable during the summer, while mini dresses are perfect for a girls’ night out. 
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Fitness apparels can be the best fashion and fitness gifts while slip dresses are perfect for birthdays and weddings. Lastly, it narrows down to what suits your taste and makes you feel beautiful about yourself. 


Guest post by Sara

How many of these dresses do you own? What's your score out of 6?
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