August 29, 2013

Stylish Plus: Always in Style

Hey Everyone

I'm back with a new review post. Found an incredible website - Stylish Plus

Stylish Plus is a Hong-Kong based website that offers hand-selected trendy pieces for woman's everyday fashion needs.
In their words "Here at StylishPlus, we know that finding the perfect pieces not only helps you look good, but makes you feel great too"

What I like about Stylish Plus

- Huge discounts and steep prices
- Gorgeous designs handpicked by their stylists and designers.
- Friendly customer service
- Although they don't offer free shipping yet their shipping charges are quite low as compared to other websites that charge.

Here are some of my favorite products :)

Which one's your favorite? :D

Let me know in the comments below..

P.S. Coming up.. My Portfolio pictures coming up ;)


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Thank you for participating :)


August 19, 2013

Birthday Girl's Day Out

Hello Everyone :)

So my Birthday was on 13th August and I had so much fun :D

First I went for a full body spa (my first) to Blue Terra. The ambiance is great, massage great, other services great. In the end they offered green tea and nuts for a full healthy treat ;)

Next I went on to ruin my face and hair! LOL. I watched The Conjuring and it was the first Horror movie I watched simply cos I don't wanna give myself hurt marks on the skin and brain. It was pretty good. Oh hell.. it was Awesome!

It followed with a hearty meal at Geoffrey's. The evening was reserved for parents and so it begun by my traditional cake-cutting with family, dinner at Haldirams (I thought of taking everyone out some place else but everyone gave a united thumbs-up to haldirams so yea :)) and finally the day was over :)

Here's what I wore on my B-Day. Weren't able to click many pics cos I reached at dusk. Nevertheless, I did what I had to do. Clicked more pictures the very next day in a different pair of shoes. Lemme know how you find my outfit :)

On My Birthday

The Next Day


Dress: Myntra
Black Heels: Milanoo
Black Clutch: Madame (gift)
Blue Heels: Miss England

So? What do you have to say? :D

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Keep Smiling :)

August 15, 2013

Hairstyles in Vogue: Part II

Hey Friends

Thank you for your kind wishes on my Birthday. It went great :) Pictures in the next post!


Remember my previous post: Hairstyles in Vogue Part I?
I got a huge response and so many repins on Pinterest :D So happy that you guys liked it :)

So in continuation.. Some of my very favorite Hairstyles.. Lemme know which ones you like <3

I can Eat this Hairstyle if I could cos 1. I love Food and 2. I love this Hairstyle. Do the Math! :P
This is the most fashionable hairstyle according to me. You can wear it neat for an elegant gala or messy for a casual day or just leave it in between for a party! :)

Here's my style!

If you're worried that your braid is not that thick then I suggest you try, Seek Hair Extensions. They are affordable and very thick.

Next is a Messy Bun!

It is the most convenient hairstyle to wear and you know our anthem, the messier, the better!

Do you remember how your mother used to do pigtails on your hair, with colorful ribbons and bows? Well, they are still in Vogue! Try braiding or let them loose. They are very cute and bring the country side charm :)

So? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know

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Keep Smiling :)

August 13, 2013

Two Faced + It's my Birthday

Hey Everyone

Today is my Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
Happy Birthday to me <3 

I'm gonna pamper myself today from head to toe.. What is it now? You'll know in my Birthday outfit post. Also, can anyone guess which color dress I'll be wearing today? ;)


I've decided to live a healthy life now! Yes, it's a decision and I've made mine. It feels so good just to think about it and falling right on my lap is this wonderful website I found: SportsDirect.

SportsDirect is a leading sports retailer in UK. It gives huge discounts to its loyal customers and the major brands include Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc. Apart from selling sports items, it's also famous for fashionable ladies hoodies, shoes, bags, dresses, jeggings and sweatshirts 

I've prepared two sets below. Pick your's!

What say? Don't you wanna stay fit to wear such gorgeous clothes? You see, colors bring out that paunch (if you have ;) )


Happy B'day to me :D


August 9, 2013

Make me Your Sunshine

Hey Lovelies

Today I'm gonna show a sunny post to you: due to the bling and the color of my pants :D

The jewelry is from Bellast. Their jewelry is beautiful and elegant. You can see for yourself! The designs feel like they are custom-made for you and so it makes me feel special :)

What I like about Bellast

- Gorgeous and unique pieces.
- Free and efficient shipping!
Wide variety of designs to choose from and so, I'm always left confused ;) in a good way ofcourse

I'm wearing my favorite yellow pants for the first time on the Blog. Paired it with a polka-dot blouse. Finished the look with Bellast jewelry and black catwalk flats.


Jewelry: Bellast
Oval stud earrings- here, Four-square earrings- here
Multicolor leaf ring- here and Simple Sparkling ring- here
Pants: Vero Moda
Shirt/Blouse: Chicnova
Flats: Catwalk

So, what do you feel about their jewelry? Isn't it breathtaking? Lemme know in the comments below :)

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Time to go back to school~
Cool stuff perfects new term!
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August 5, 2013

Hairstyles in Vogue: Part I

Hey Friends

As you all know, I'm a lover of various kind of hairstyles including braids and ponytails!

I've been seeing a lot of versions of the same hairstyle and it entices me how I can wear a unique one each day. Let's take a look at some of my favorite ones :D

These are always fun and one of the quickest hairstyles to do! Wear them with a sexy off-shoulder tee and shorts. Carry a tote and sunglasses. Chic I say!
Some of you might not have very long hair or might not want to apply heat to your hair. Hair Extensions are the best addition for greater volume and lusture!

I personally love the Four/Five-strand braids for their elegance and uniqueness. Not many people can do this ;) These go great for relaxed evenings and dinner but who says that we can't wear them in the day! Tie a cute Bow for day! :D

The easiest hairstyle by far. You can back-comb the crown of your hair to give your face a younger look. What I  usually do is take a strand of hair and twist-wrap around the ponytail. (see bottom right picture)

There you go.. More hairstyles in the coming posts :)

Tell me which hairstyle do you usually wear and which ones do you WANT to wear!

BTW you might want to check out this amazing website I found on net~ SeekHair. They are number 1 in hair extension as per reviews. :) Go take a look!

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Stay Stylish