June 24, 2014

Summer Love

Hey all

So I'm busy packing and guess what arrived at my doorstep yesterday! My self-made Tee from HiCustom.

They are an online design-lab (science, eh?) for custom shirts and phone cases. I totally loved this idea. I mean I know we have this facility at offline stores but here I don't have to tell anyone how my design should be: I can design anything I want on my own! How cool is that?

So I clubbed 4 of my favorite things- New York, Fashion, Fun and Food.
I'm flaunting this lovely tee with a pair of basic black pants. Now since my things are basically packed, I didn't get a chance to experiment much here. But, if I could, I would have done it like this.


Summer is the best time to experiment with variety of designs, wear shorts and go all the way with trends. The latest to hit the fashion world is this amazing concept where you can buy gift cards of your favorite brands and sell unused ones for cash- this awesome idea is carved into an online niche where bloggers and shopping mongers exchange shopping notes- Enter Raise.com
Now all this shopping and experimenting can left you with an empty pocket so this comes handy for all. Did I mention that brands like Nordstrom, Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, DSW etc are available! How exciting :D

They have started this Closet Swap campaign where they are inviting fellow bloggers to write about their summer picks, trends and ideas. So if you're one, join their campaign.
Enjoy more pictures



How I made this tee

1) Visit HiCustom
2) Choose your type & color of shirt.
3) Choose from an array of images and text.
4) Place your order!

It's that simple! 



Don't Sweat, Just Swap: Exchange your gift cards here

Wearing: Pink top: HiCustom, Denims: Udobuy, Red loafers: Borrowed from brother- Metro, Sunglasses: Vogue eyewear
Don't forget to participate in the ongoing GIVEAWAY. Celebrating 1300 followers. Win $100 coupon. $30 to each participant. THREE more days to go.

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June 20, 2014

WIN $100 coupon: 1300 followers Giveaway

Hey all

I'm so excited to announce that we are a family of 1300! Yayyyyy.. Let's party.

On this grand occasion I'm announcing a grand giveaway.

WIN $100 coupon from Yo Yo Melody

Easy-breezy steps to participate and that's not all: EACH participant will get $30 coupon too!

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How great is that? :D
Let's start, shall we?

 This is an International Giveaway which ends on 27th june, 11:59pm
Please note: There are 4 compulsory entries, others are just optional to increase your chances.

Now since I'd have moved out till then, it will take me a day or two to announce the winner so kindly be patient :)

Winner and participants can shop from here

What are you waiting for? Don't forget to leave your comment (most important entry)

I wish everyone good luck!

and oh, here's my last outfit post where I mixed and matched, tried something new to get this look with a pair of palazzo pants. Don't forget to leave your kind comments there :) 


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June 18, 2014

What to wear with Palazzo Pants: Shorter Stature Girls

Hello Sweethearts

I'm back with a brand new Outfit post. So many this June :D and more to come

Here I'm shamefully admitting and wearing for the first time- Palazzo pants

For years I thought pants like these would make a short-stature me, a plump. But then I thought to myself, I'm a fashion blogger, I must use some tips and tricks to comfortably wear one and so I wore.

Tips on how to wear Palazzo pants- Shorter Stature

Choosing the right length of Palazzo pants

 1. Choose ones that end at or below ankles. Consider covering the ankles for leaner effect.
2. Choose solid colored over prints but if you must then try uniform prints like I'm wearing.

What to wear with Palazzo pants

1. Crop tops that end just above the midriff.
2. Do not wear tops & blouses over the pants as it would definitely make you look even shorter.
3. If crop tops are not your thing then pick a base color from the pants and wear them tucked inside the pants.
4. Layer if necessary.
5. High Heels for the high life ;)

Enough of the gyaan. It's show time!

Me getting irritated when brother was taking more time to click!


These are not your high-end chiffon Palazzo pants that are easier to pair with. These are made of pure COTTON. It took me a day to figure out what I'd wear with these and a white shirt is how far I could come. Then I realized I could do something with a stole I bought from Lajpat Nagar (INR 50) and voila- one shirt, belt, scarf and four hours later- this is me <<appearing tall>>

You would think I'd have stopped by now


Wearing: Palazzo pants: Red Orange, Lajpat Nagar, white shirt: Oasap, Mint heels: Chic Factor, Belt: Romwe, Stole:a thrift find, Lajpat Nagar

Don't forget to participate in my ongoing CONTEST where you can win Myntra vouchers.

Stay stylish


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June 14, 2014

New find + Contest

Hello angels

Of late I've been checking various shopping websites since I'm moving out. These websites would come in handy if I want to purchase some items which are not readily available in India.

So here's another great find- Lovely Shoes.net. I don't know how many of you have heard about it but I certainly found it to be wholesome.
With shoes as low as $6 this site is definitely going to my pocket friendly websites.

Here are some of my favorite products. (click on the picture to see the full product)

Okay, a big confession. I'm not going to leave floral, ever!


 This elegant ankle-strap footwear caught my attention. Wear it with cigarette pants.


How cute is this salmon colored dress?


Wear this beautiful bib necklace with contrasting solid-colored blouses.

More colors available

Indulge in some strawberries! Yummyy


Perfect size mint green bag

Which is your favorite product?
Please note: This is a website review only. Haven't purchased any product so can't comment on customer service and the actual products. But, by the looks of it, this website won't disappoint me.

Shop wisely.

Now for the Contest


Presenting- The Social Media Savvy contest! Participate to win Myntra.com vouchers. Three winners will be selected
1st winner- Rs. 500 voucher
2nd & 3rd winners- Rs. 250 voucher each

What do you have to do? Simple.. Follow these steps

1) Follow me on any TWO of the above mentioned social media platforms and comment below. Also mail it along with your creativity (point #2)

2) Impress me with your social media skills- you can create a video, collage, invite friends to follow Fictitious Fashion on the respective platforms, write a poem- basically anything to show how much you love Fictitious Fashion

3) Send your creativity/snapshots to : fictitious.fashion@gmail.com and sit tight while I scratch my head to decide whom I like the most.


Note: A minimum of 10 participants are required for the contest to be valid.

So send me your entries NOW! 

Good Lucky 


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June 10, 2014

Floral Frenzy

Hello Lovelies
I'm so excited to be back here.

As I mentioned on blog, today I'm going to announce something big but before that, new OOTD :D

Now this lovely floral blouse I received from DressLily.

It's no secret how big a fan I am, of floral prints but this blouse caught my attention as soon as I saw it on their website.

Three things I loved about this White floral blouse

--> It's White- White is my go-to color this season. I picked another white ensemble from Zara this weekend: would show in subsequent posts.
--> Subtle colors- Girls love pastels more than anything.
--> Not over the board- Now mostly we see prints that cover the entire clothing but this was reserved for one-third of the shirt and I loved it!


Paired it with a dark peach pair of pants from Madame.


Now I'm not one to remain subtle elsewhere. The result? Tangerine sling bag and moccasins.

This gorgeous Necklace is from Romwe and the cute blue bow elastic is from DressLily

More pictures..



More rubber-bands from Dresslily

Did you like my outfit? Can't wait to hear your thoughts


Floral blouse and polka dot rubber bands: Dresslily, Pants: Madame, sling bag: Oasap, moccasins: Nineteen, collar necklace: Romwe, Belt: Paprika, Lifestyle

Now for the News.. I'm moving to Mumbai for Higher studies. Yippee for new life. This doesn't mean that I'd forget this dear blog and new guys. I would post regularly but pardon me if outfit posts come less often. I'd have to find someone to click pictures but till then I'd try my best :D
Need luck and wishes <3

Take care

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June 4, 2014

Benefits of being a Shopping Addict

When I shop, the world gets better- Confessions of a Shopaholic

You see yourself nodding at the above thought? Welcome to the club! We love, we hate, we conquer, we compromise and we shop. Find the odd one out!

Shopping is a girl's delight, her right! It's most sought-after treasure that it must be present in our constitution! Now daddy has paid for most (read: all) of your shopping cravings and you've happily flaunted in your circle. As this generation drifts away from 'bluffing your parents to geting you that dress' to 'dragging your parents to shower them with gifts' we find ourselves short of greens and lonely bank accounts. Enter: Shopping deals.

We've always been taught to save first, spend later. While we all know how the 'actions' turn out that only now we find the mother's helpful trips to be a savior. Result- Win-win for all!

Here are the benefits of being a shopping addict.

1) C*ap sanitizer- Sanitizes your mind and wardrobe by removing un-wanted germs of society. You don't care basically!

2) You feel independent when your little baby brother gets great deals from you. Go woman!
3) Troubles are at bay- You seem Myopic to the probable problems: shopping is therapy, we say.
4) You are the caretaker of yourself and your family depends on you for fashionable needs- party planning was never so easy!

Add yours and I'll quote you above with your blog link

What say, girls? Shop, Splurge, Save. Let me know the effects of shopping.

Till then

Keep smiling :)



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